Coriano is a town in the Rimini’s inland very close to the Romagna’s Riviera. The town is located halfway between Rimini and Riccione on the border of San Marino’s old towers.

The Coriano’s is surrounded by a suggestive landscape characterized by olive trees, wheat fields, many vineyards, farmer’s villages and farmhouses spread within fields.

The town of Coriano has old origins: in the past it was a colony of ancients Umbrian, Etruscan and Roman. Much sought as a land of conquest by all the armies that fought in Italy, such as the Malatesta, the Republic of Venice and the Spanish army. But only the Malatesta were regarded as the promoters of the construction of Coriano in the first half of '400.

Pope Clement VII in 1528, gave the said colony in exchange for favours rendered, in liquidating the Malatesta family, the family Sassatelli  from Imola.

The latest rebuilt the destroyed castle of Coriano, assigning the family crest. This crest still exists in its original form on the arch above the entrance to the Castle.

Subsequently, Coriano became part of the rural area of the city of Rimini, very important, not only, but also including the headquarters of the district municipality of Misano Monte Colombo, Marciano, Montescudo, San Clemente and the same Coriano.

-Il castello-particolare / the castle-ruins
-Il castello-ingresso/the castle-entrance
-Il municipio/ the City Hall
-Lo stemma dei sassatelli/Sassatelli family coat of arms
-Un eroe/a hero
-Il teatro corte/ The theater- Corte