Rimini – Famous city for the hospitality sector and the quality of its accommodation facilities. In the famous regional capital are to be seen in the famous Tiberius’ bridge and the arch of Augustus, remains  of the Roman origins of the city, the imposing Castel Sigismondo, the Malatesta Temple and other significant churches around the city, the beautiful buildings and the Museum of the city. Food wise to taste the traditional Adriatic cuisine as well experience the suggestions related to Federico Fellini and the historical Grand Hotel.

Santarcangelo di Romagna
- a lovely town, with a well preserved historic village on the shadow of the solid Rocca, well known in many ways from theatre to food representation as well as the many monuments. Needless to forget the old workshops of printed fabrics, the Ethnographic Museum and the particularity of more than  hundred "cave of Zeus", mysterious and ancient tuff cavities excavated underground the city, probably for the conservation of the Sangiovese.

- High at the top of a rocky outcrop, the remains of Malatesta Fortress and the strong square tower, reachable with its the ancient Scorticata. This region is one of the most evocative of the province: unspoiled nature, memories of the bitter battles of the times of the Malatesta family, fought also in nearby Montebello, in the picturesque medieval village of which mysterious Rocca dei Guidi  is said living the ghost of the daughter of the feudal lord.

- stands on a spur of rock is called the "cradle of the Malatesta family." And 'an important archaeological site, as between the ninth and sixth centuries BC was the headquarters of the Villanova culture, able to produce items of exquisite beauty, now preserved in the interesting Museum. To see the many churches, including the Collegiate and Parish Church of St. Martino.

Montefiore Conca
- "Castrum inexpugnabile" Malatesta Fortress with the mighty impressive views. Within the old walls you can admire the church of St. Paul, the potter's house and the Museum of the Gothic Line. Lively medieval village, in every season offers numerous cultural performances, which are in the fortress of their particular scenario.

- where can be found the distinctive Piazza Maggiore, with its oval shape and the elegant eighteenth-century arcade, renamed by locals "the pan", the Malatesta Rock and the hall of Durantino with underground walkways, surrounded by ancient walls. In the fortress houses the Museum of Palaeontology and worthy are the paintings of the Parish of St. Michael the Archangel. In August Here takes place a fascinating medieval feast, not to be missed "the Palio of the deer."

Montegridolfo - located on the border between the Marche and Romagna, famous for its ancient fortified city centre, still intact and perfectly restored in the frame of hills covered with vines and olive trees. It is accessed from the main street trough the  tower of the 16th century, to visit the cobbled streets, craft shops, taverns, the buildings of the village and the Museum of the line of the Goths. Interesting the sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace Church and St. Rocco, preserving valuable paintings.

- the southern gate of over one hundred miles of beach resorts in the Romagna Riviera, situated on a large natural bay. Traces of ancient maritime traditions are preserved in the Maritime Museum of Archaeology and Antiquarian which is located at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre. Do not miss the exciting dive in the tank with the sharks at the Aquarium Le Navi.

Riccione - popular holiday resort, known as the "Green Pearl of the Riviera." To visit the Museum of the Territory and the hills with the ruins of the Castle Agolanti.

St. Leo - a sharp rock surrounded by perpendicular cliffs sloping landscapes from the Apennines to the sea, a welter of old houses between a rock and a bell tower, a weaving of history and legend, the sacred and the profane, between horrible prisons and churches

- unique medieval village, pleasantly situated on a panoramic hilltop overlooking the Via Flaminia, is surrounded by a trapezoid-fourteenth-century walls crowned with battlements Guelfi with rectangular bastions

The Panoramic Coast Road - A tour of a few tens of kilometers on a beautiful road that connects Gabicce and Pesaro. The bendy road has a medieval castle in the background. Lower down, not far, you can see through the 'pale blue of the sea. Stand out in the hills around pine trees, lime trees and fragrant flowering broom.

San Marino
San Leo
Ponte di Tiberio Rimini/Tiberius Bridge
Gabicce mare
Tempio malatestiano Rimini/Malatesta Temple
Arco d'Augusto Rimini/ Augustus' arch
Gabicce Monte
La strada panoramica/The Scenic Route
La spiaggia di Riccione/ the beach of Riccione
Rocca di luna Montefiore/ Fortress of the moon